Plastic Reconstructive, Microvascular Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is an incomparable discipline of medicine that is focused on normalizing and improving the appearance of an individual through surgical and medical techniques and could be carried out on any part of the body: head, face, neck, trunk, arms, hand and lower limbs. The science of molding tissues from local areas or from distant areas of the body is an integral part and is the origin of the word ‘plastic’ which means to ‘mold’ in Greek. Cosmetic surgery is a part of plastic surgery and utilities the same principles of plastic surgery with an aim to enhance the appearance and beauty of an individual or part of the body. At the department of plastic and cosmetic surgery, Kinder multispeciality hospital, Cochin, we are glad to present you with a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures – the list is mentioned below. We hope to provide you with a warm and relaxing atmosphere in kinder hospital and at the same time faster service and affordable costs.

Plastic surgery procedures

Correction of congenital malformations including cleft lip, cleft palate, abnormalities in limbs like hand deformities, finger anomalies, ear nose abnormalities, post cleftlipnose -defects.

  • Cosmetic surgery including liposuction of abdomen,thighs,chin etc. Abdominoplasty, breast reduction, breast augmentation,Brachioplasty (Arm surgery), thigh lift, Body liposculpturing, botox injection, filler and fat injection, dermabrasion, chemical peeling
  • Management for various tissue defects, injuries, skin grafting and flap surgery
  • Reconstructive surgery for hand deformities and injuries.
  • Comprehensive care of burns including resuscitation, wound cover, management of contractures etc
  • Management of Primary & Secondary Lymphedema
  • Scar Management:- medical and surgical management of various types of scars, Hypertrophic scar, Post operative scars, Keloid scars, post burn scars.
  • Facial sculpturing with fat injection- hollow cheek, chubby cheeks etc, breast andbuttock augmentation by fat transfer
  • Lip Augmentation by filler injection
  • Correction of protruding ears or large ears or bat ears by surgical setback, repair of large ear holes or torn earlobes other ear defects
  • Management of facial wrinkles & depressions by botox injection & fillers.
  • Post cancer surgery -reconstruction of excised parts- breast reconstruction after mastectomy, nipple aerola reconstruction , lip, nose, ears-other defects reconstruction
  • Refashioning of female and male Genitalia
  • Treatment of large male breast(gynecomastia) by surgery & liposuction
  • Treatment of sagging breast by mastopexy
  • Management of large tattoos- surgical removal
  • Eyebrows; mustache hair loss (Allopecia) surgical management
  • Treatment of accessory breast + large axillary breast folds that prevents women from wearing sleeveless dresses.
  • Removal of post acne, cheek face scar by Dermabrasion and scar management
  • Treatment of localized stable vitilligo patches, hypopigmentation by plastic surgery.
  • Surgical excision of corns
  • foot problems, ingrowing toe nails, infections, cellulitis, amputations and other complications of diabetes
Facial Moles and Nevus removal

For those who are troubled by facial moles & nevus or black birthmarks we take great care to remove them under local anesthesia and try to minimize the scar formation so that you get the best possible aesthetic look.

Scar management

Scars can be troublesome, painful and cosmetically unappealing. At kinder we provide both medical and surgical procedures to manage a various types of scars, Hypertrophic scar, Post operative scars, keloid scars, post burn scars and depressed scars.

Correction of birth deformities

Correction of congenital malformations including cleft lip, cleft palate, abnormalities in limbs like hand deformities, finger anomalies, ear nose abnormalities, post cleft lip nose -defects.

Arm lifting and thigh lifting

We provide opportunities for people with bulky arms and thighs to reduce their sizes so that sleeveless dresses and others can be worn without getting embarrassed.

Body Contouring and Liposuction

There are many cosmetic procedures designed to improve the appearance of different areas of the body. Liposuction is the removal of fatty tissue to help shape fatty areas and help with weight loss procedures. This procedure is popular with men as well as women. While many people think that liposuction is exclusively designed for the stomach and waist area, it is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can also target problem areas such as the hips, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, arms, knees and double chins.

Tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty

Tummy tuck, or Abdominoplasty, is a different kind of body sculpting treatment also popular with those hoping to slim their waistline as they are specifically designed to create a 􀈠latter tummy. Three aspects are specifically addressed here: the fat, the muscle and the excess of skin if present. After thorough evaluation these aspects are tackled to get a cosmetic abdomen.

Cosmetic surgery of the breasts

Breast Surgery is definitely one of the most popular and common types of Plastic surgery procedures. Many women find that the shape and appearance of their breasts has been adversely affected by childbirth and weight loss. Lots of women choose to undergo breast enlargement using breast implants to boost the size of their breast. Most of women considering breast augmentation are either born with small breasts or had surgical removal. Sometimes the breast are too large and cause multiple issues and reducing the size of the breast can be considered- a procedure called reduction mammoplasty. For patients with sagging breast a procedure to uplift the breast can be done called mastopexy.

Breast Surgery in Males (Gynecomastia)

However, breast surgery including liposuction is not confined to women, and we offer male breast reduction surgery which is ideal for men who are suffering from enlargement of the male breast commonly known as Gynecomastia. This will help boost the confidence of young males who because of their large breast size are embarrassed and do not go for public events like swimming or often wear loose clothes to mask their big breasts.

Ear & Nose Surgery

For those who have large ears that are prominent and strike out (bat ears), set back procedures are available to put the ear back in position. People who have large misshapen noses can change the way their nose looks through plastic surgery by a procedures called Rhinoplasty. Large ear hole and torn earlobes can pose a serious problem wearing ear rings and these can be repaired at kinder at your convenience.

We also provide nose and ear piercing services.