Neuro Surgery

The Department of neurosurgery deals with the diagnosis and management of cranio -spinal trauma,non traumatic and traumatic intra cranial bleed, neoplasms of brain and spine, infections of brain and spine as well as congenital malformations of brain and spine.The commonly perfomed procedures in neurosurgey department includes

  • Surgery for cranio-spinal trauma.
  • Intra and extra axial tumors of brain.
  • Intra dural and extra dural tumors of spine.
  • Surgery for congenital malformations of brain and spine.
  • Surgery for entrapment neuropathies.
  • Cranioplasty surgery.
  • Shunt surgery for hydrocephalus.
  • EVD Application.
  • Decompressive craniectomies.
  • Spinal instrumentation surgeries.
  • Evacuation of spontaneous intra cerebral bleed.
  • Management of patients with cranio-spinal trauma and other neurosurgical problems in high dependency unit,management of patients with ventillatory support.
The Neuro-diagnostic tests available are
  • CAT Scan of brain and spine
  • MRI scan of brain and spine
  • EEG
  • NCV test