About Us

Kindorama Healthcare Private Ltd Singapore is a joint venture partnership between Indorama Healthcare Pte Ltd and the Kinder Medical Group Pte Ltd. Kinder Medical Group, a privately held company, which has grown from being one of the largest paediatric group practices in Singapore to a regional healthcare company with the focus on women and children’s health. Kinder operates in Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India. In India we have centers in Alappuzha, Kochi and Bangalore .

Affordability and accessibility are the major hindrances, nowadays, in availing quality healthcare. KINDER Hospital, upholding International standards, is now opening at the Heart of Kochi to provide comprehensive health care services, at an affordable cost, upholding utmost quality, to all strata of the public.


To make available high quality, personalized care with specialized and comprehensive range of services, in a cost effective health care facility in India at par with international standards.


To be an institution recognized with exceptional patient care rendering efficient and reliable health services.