International Patient Services

The Kinder International Patients Department receives patients from countries around the world, primarily from the Middle East, Africa and South Asian countries, and even Western countries.

Kinder International Patient Department is driven by the objective to make quality, world-class healthcare both affordable and accessible. This is the underlying principal, that defines every aspect of the clinical care at Kinder Hospital. Our commitment is to make patient experience in India a hassle-free and comfortable one. To achieve this, we strive to ensure that you feel at home while getting on the road to recovery.

In an attempt to make it as convenient as possible, the International Patients Department at Kinder Hospital assures that these cases are dealt as a primary concern. We understand that our international patients are short of time due to Visa constraints that may not allow for an extended visit to India. We also allow for these cases to have on priority treatments and tests and lab results as well.

The International Patients’ Department also ensures that dedicated hospital staff is available to take care of all your non-medical needs, including money exchange queries, concierge services, etc. And additionally, brief you about the hospital formalities before you visit, for a comfortable and restful stay at the hospital.

We have separate international Patient launch that makes our patients more comfortable during the visit.

  • Separate Lounge for IP PatientsWe offer a separate lounge for IP patients with high-class comforts and excellent facilities. Yes, one of a kind lounge where you can recline and relax for a while.
  • Separate Desk with Bilingual StaffsTroubled with Language? No worries! We have a separate desk with bilingual staffs to ease the communication and provide you with the best service in seconds.
  • Visa Processing SupportWe have the Visa processing support which is exceptionally fast! Expeditious! Yes, we mean it.
  • Travel DeskWe extend a full-fledged travel desk that offers all our patients a host of related services. The travel desk ensures that all needs of our international patients are catered to it’s best in minutes.
  • Luxury Rooms & FacilitiesYou have many choices to get your accommodation! The different categories of room/bed available here brings you with the best in class comfort and luxury.
  • World-class Infrastructure & Services in Affordable RateHere we gift you with a world-class infrastructure and services in affordable rate. Right from the entry till the exit, everything is in place ensuring smooth functioning.